18 Months Product Warranty

XAOSUN保证通过购买地区亚马逊官方店铺购买的产品在做工和材料方面没有缺陷。保修仅适用于在购买产品的国家/地区运营的产品。自购买之日起 18 个月内申请此优惠,且不可延期。
1. 由于误用、滥用、安装不当或使用有缺陷或不正确的设备而导致的任何缺陷、故障或故障。
2. 经改装或改装以在其设计、制造、批准或授权的国家以外的任何国家/地区运行的产品不在本保修范围内。
3. 因意外、电源使用不当、电涌或其他外部电源故障、断电、未能提供制造商推荐维修、产品

transportation, neglect, vandalism, environmental conditions, loss of use during any repair process, or disasters outside the control of XAOSUN.
4. Damages to the product due to normal use.
5. No compensation will be given for the loss of the use of the product, inconvenience, loss or any other damages, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use this product.
6. This warranty does not extend to the purchase of opened, used, repaired, repackaged, and/or resealed products; including but not limited to sale of such products on internet auction sites and/or sales of such products by surplus or bulk resellers.
7. Any products or parts which are repaired, replaced, altered, or modified without the prior express, written consent of XAOSUN.

Returns submitted within 30 days of purchase with reasons without fault in the workmanship or material of the product can be subject to a partial refund. 
In no event shall this warranty require more than the repair or replacement of any part or parts that are found to be defective within the effective period of the warranty. If the necessary replacement parts or products are not available, XAOSUN reserves the right to make product substitutions of equal or greater value in lieu of the original model.